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In disciplined groups th. In all, 8, went to jail uniil government legislation finally halted the campaign. Mandela was one of twenty leaders who were charged and convicted at the end 2 of for organising the Defiance Campaign; he was given a nine-month suspended sentence. His contribution had been so impressive that he was elected President of the ANC Transvaal Province in the same year, and in response to his rising popularity the government issued him on II December with a banning order, prohibiting him from attending gatherings and confining him to Johannesburg.

His address to the Transvaal ANC in had to be read on his behalf [see document 3 a t pp. In September the ban was renewed for two years with extra provision that he resign from the ANC. Later [see document 70, pp. I was made, by the law, a criminal, not because of what I had done, but because of what I stood for. His public voice might be silenced but he worked on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, he and Oliver Tambo had set up legal practice in Johannesburg. Even there they were harassed; ordered to move their office to the black location where they lived, they illegally remained in the city. We must protest against it, we must oppose it, we must attempt to alter it. For the first time the movement set out the simple objectives for a future South 3 Africa.

The Charter begins: 'South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white. Tambo has described him as passionate, fearless, impatient, sensitive — qualities which emerge in his speeches. No Easy Waik to Freedom [see document 3 a f pp. Over the years, Mandela attacked the steadily intensifymg racial oppression in a number of articles [see documents 5 a to 5 f , pp.

He attacked such measures as Bantu Education and the segregated universities.

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Much of the evidence was farcical yet had to be seriously dealt with by the distinguished defence team and the accused, ;is the years passed and the trial dragged monotonously on. It was a testing time for the thirty men and wcmen who remained after charges against the others had been dropped.

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Among these was Mandela: from wearying days in court, he went to his office — Tambc was keeping the practice alive — often working till late at night. In the Treason Trial the essence of the case, as the State put it, was the belief that the liberation movement was part of an international communist-inspired effort pledged to ovetthrow the government by violence.

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Four and a half years were spent trying to prove this: the Programme of Action of and the Freedom Charter of were key documents. All the remaining accused were acquitted. His first marriage by which he had three children having broken up, Mandela in married Nomzamo Winnie Madikizela, who had come from the Transkei to Johannesburg to qualify as a social worker and who from the start had to accept his enforced absences from their small block house in Orlando part of what would later be called Soweto.

Both husband and wife were to make an exceptional contribution to the South African liberation struggle, inspiring others with the style and spirit of their endurance. In South Africa it was the year of Sharpeville, when police fired at a crowd of peacefully protesting men, women and children, killing 69 and wounding As outrage spread through the world, massive demonstrations shook South Africa. The government declared a state of emergency; police and army rounded up twenty thousand people. Mandela, inevitably, was among those imprisoned.

Over the following months those detained were gradually released.

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Among them was Mandela, whose bans had coincidentally expired — and not been renewed — early in For the first time in nine years he was free to speak and organise openly. South Africa was about to become a republic — a white Boer republic, said the Africans. They, treated as non-citizens, had as always gone unconsulted.

From all over the country African delegates — 1, of them — came together to confer at the specially-convened All-in African Conference at Pietermaritzburg. Unexpectedly Mandela appeared to deliver the main speech. Inspired by his strength and courage the people elected him to lead their protests and the demand for a truly representative National Convention to establish not a white republic but a new union of all South Africans.

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Should the government not respond to these demands, a general strike would be called by the newly-formed National Action Council, with Mandela as secretary [see document 7 b , pp. Mandela went underground. He had to assume disguises, travel about the country secretly, find places to live that were not likely to be under surveillance. Not only he, as he contrived to go about ttie country organising, but all those he contacted, had to get used to wholly new methods. Not the least of his difficulties were finances: 5 the only car available to him at one point repeatedly broke down.

At the time, he was disguised as a chauffeur. I have had to abandon my profession and live in poverty and misery, as many of my people arc doing. Unless that happened before Republic Day on 31 May , there would be a countrywide stay-at-home from the 29th. Police and army were called up.

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Even the police subsequently admitted that 60 per cent of African labour stayed at home in Johannesburg and Pretoria. In Port Elizabeth 75 per cent went on strike, despite threats of arrest, of being sacked by employers or evicted from homes. The following day, two journalists from London were taken to a sparsely furnished flat in a white suburb where, in a room shaded by drawn curtains. Nelson Mandela awaited them.

One of the journalists asked about the less than total response to the stay-at-home; did he concede that it had been a failure? IHioto: GiB de Vlieg. And Africans — well, desperate people will eventually be provoked to acts of retaliation. The explosions marked a critical new stage of the struggle. Established by Mandela and other ANC and Congress leaders, Umkhonto also abbreviated as MK later became the armed wing of the national liberation movement; in his subsequent trial Mandela was to outline the deliberations that led to the decision to form Umkhonto and his own role in its formation.

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As he was to explain, quoting from the Umkhonto manifesto, the time had come when there remained only two choices, to submit or to fight. Submission was our of the question; there was no choice but to hit back. South Africa, he told delegates in a powerful speech, 'is a country torn from top to bottom by fierce racial strife and conflict and where the blood of African pamots frequently flows It is a land ruled by the gun.

He returned secretly to South Africa. On 5 August , seventeen months from the time that he had gone underground, he was captured in Natal, apparently on a tip-off to the police by an informer. Young and old composed songs about him. If it was not about his courageous leadership, it was about his success in the court of law. I'hroughom the country sabotage against Bantu Administration offices and other installations continued. Among whites an atmosphere of fear and hysteria grew. But in spirit he was undefeated, his manner was the same, friendly, easy-going, confident, and his laughter had not changed.

He had all the attributes: a strong personality, ability, stature, and calm, tact, conviction. They readily admitted that most ri them had taken part in a campaign designed to bring down the government and had known about or taken part in sabotage.

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They welcomed the uppxinunity to use the court as a platform from which to clarify, to the country and to the world, their position on what they considered to be the central issues of South African politics. Five months from the commencement of the trial, on Monday, 20 April , the courtroom of the Palace of Justice was packed for the opening of the defence case.

Leading counsel, Bram Fischer, QC, summarised what the defence would seek to prove, which parts of the State case it conceded, which it would deny. Gravely, with underlying passion, he told the history of the struggle, of the founding of Umkhonto, of his own experience and political outlook.

As in the Treason Trial he discussed his attitude to communism. It is not true that the enfranchisement of all will result in racial domination. The ANC has spent half a century fighting against racialism. When it triumphs it will not change that policy.

Memorialisation and Liberation Heritage Sites in Johannesburg and the Township Space

This then is what the ANC is fighting for It is a struggle of the African people, inspired by their own suffering and their own experience. It is a struggle for the right to live. The court was still. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

A week in mid-June The judgement was due on the Thursday. On the Monday and Tuesday Mandela, in prison in Pretoria, wrote his final papers for the London University law degree he was taking he was to pass. On the Thursday he and all but one of the accused were found guilty. The only matter they wanted to discuss was how they should behave in court it the death sentence was passed. If they thought by sentence tng him to death they would destroy the liberation movement, they were wrong; he was prepared to die and knew his death would be an inspiration to his people in their struggle.