How We Beat The All Blacks: The 1971 Lions Speak (Aurum Sports Classics)

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All good things come to an end. The feast was over. Life with you.. But all good things must come to an end. Cervantes' Don Quixote II.

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In the world there must bee of all sorts. The World, says Locke, has people of all sorts. Click can't get off this time?..

Well, it takes all sorts to make a world. Takes all sorts, you know. Rabelais' Pantagruel V. Then never presume to say that anything is impossible to God. Sometimes it seems as if persons had too much.. But all things are possible with God. It would be interesting, for a change, to prepare and be ready for possibilities of, I don't know what, since all things are possible with God and nothing is inevitable.

I have got it at last, everything comes if a man will only wait. They come, but often come too late. All came to him who waited. Everything comes to those who wait. The theory fitted well into my lazy way of thinking. We are those good Americans who come to Paris when they die. As the Scotsman's howf [refuge] lies right under your lee, why, take any port in a storm. It was not quite the sort of company with which Dover would mix from choice but, as the jolly sailors say, any port in a storm.

On the principle of any port in a storm he made a dive for the nearest cubicle. It is said to have been invented by George Nichols in Nichols was then a project manager working in California for the American firm of Northrop, and developed the maxim from a remark made by a colleague, Captain E.

Murphy, of the Wright Field-Aircraft Laboratory. The contexts of the early quotations appear to support this explanation: Aviation Mechanics Bulletin May-June 11 Murphy's Law: If an aircraft part can be installed incorrectly, someone will install it that way. Schaefer's observation confirms this department's sad experience that editors as well as laboratory workers are subject to Murphy's Laws, to wit: I. If something can go wrong it will, [etc. What we desire is the presentation of the information in.. Of course, the up train was delayed.

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There was some vast universal principle. If anything can go wrong it will. Scarlet was the colour of the official or ceremonial dress of various dignitaries, including judges. Erasmus'Adages 21 An ape is an ape although she weare badges of golde. You may cloath an Ape in golde, and an Infant in Hercules armour: doth an infant therfore chaunge his age, or an Ape forgoe his nature? The naked ape is in danger of.. Egad, appearances are very deceitful.

Society III. Little men are sometimes very potent, and rags sometimes cover very extensive pretensions. Apparently she looked lost and in need … A ready convert. And in this case, appearances weren't deceiving. Rabelais' Gargantua I. Appetite comes with eating. Having absorbed Port Arthur and begun on Manchuria, Russia saw no reason why she should not have Korea also. The appetite came with eating. The more he had of her, the more he wanted. Ait a happle avore gwain to bed, An' you'll make the doctor beg his bread Dev.

B5 An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But wait! Has the apple been treated with Alar?

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The apple never falls far from the tree. C7 Although Forbes has a lively sense of fun his motorcycling, balloonriding father, Malcolm, certainly had one, and the apple does not fall far from the tree , his lavishness.. I believe.. The sky was looking more threatening than it had before … April showers. But no May flowers to follow, not in Manhattan's cement garden.

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Supply and demand myself. Pay and personnel. Laundry and so forth. An army marches on its stomach.

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Art is now commonly understood in the proverb in a less specific sense. In quot. Guazzo's Civil Conversation I. Liberal friends.. The shapely hand on his shoulder still wore the great ring taken from the tomb of a Byzantine youth. Life is short, art long. I know that. Bressingham completed the quotation brusquely. If you ask me damned silly questions, I'm going to give you damned silly answers. No, don't bother to answer that. Ask a silly question and you get a silly answer. If ye'll ask nae questions, I'll tell ye nae lees.

No questions, boy, then you won't get no lies.

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Gibbes Documentary Hist. American Revolution I. Inspector Higgins fired his revolver at the sound, deeming attack the better part of defence, whilst someone from the other side of the room had a similar notion. Attack is the best form of defence, they say, and when politicians lose their principles they play a dirty game. C9 The reigning corporate strategy these days is that the best defense is a good offense. E5 In the case of the Redskins' two-minute defense, the best defense is a good offense.

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And Washington had that. Hee, because the Frenchmen paid tribute every moneth, into xiii moneths devided the yeere. What excuse is better than none? Gresham saw the economic need to restore the purity of the coinage, though there is no evidence that he actually used this expression. Erasmus' Adages II. A4 Sad and heuy tydynges be easly blowen abroade be they neuer so vaine and false and they be also sone beleued.

In quots. B2VEuill newes flie faster still than good.