Confessions of a Gay Male Escort 1: The Straight Guy

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Oh, totally interesting! Madrid is really beautiful?? I HAVE to go??? No way! What if I was undervaluing myself? Tie him up and tickle him?

10 Straight Guys Confess Why They Went Gay for Pay

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We're not strangers to the fact that even uttering the infamous three letter word in India is a taboo. The moment you use 'sex' in a sentence, you're judged. Add to this sexually repressed nation's intricate social fabric - the regressive rule called Section which prohibits unnatural sex.

My night in a gay sauna

The term 'unnatural sex' here is code word for homosexuality. So many people lock themselves within the four sides of a metaphoric cupboard. But everything that is kept hidden attains a dark underbelly. The trade of flesh doesn't judge you by gender but what you have to offer. Even with the laws against homosexuality and the stigma that comes with it, there's a trade that secretly goes on involving young homosexual men. Two years ago, a friend interested in social activism took a project to teach underprivileged children working on the streets.

1. "So... How did you get into the business?"

One child refused to make an effort. While my friend was quite upset, she struck a conversation with the year-old boy. It started when he was raped but he soon realised that this was an opportunity for him to earn.

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But not all people are pushed into it. A lot of them willingly step into it. Another young man admitted to 'providing services' says:. But the spots don't have to be too secluded. Within Delhi's Connaught Place, one of the park's entrances is famous for such deals.

See a Problem?

I didn't know this till I crossed paths with a gay sex-worker. Lipstick on, eyeliner applied, a young man was talking to an old, pot-bellied man.

My friend pointed out that a 'deal' was being struck. Given all these instances, it isn't too hard to guess that gay sex-workers in India are highly vulnerable. Homosexual acts are illegal and being a sex worker comes with a huge stigma.

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But somehow the demand for gay sex-workers remains. And these people, who are a combination of both, exist in a space where it's very easy to tag them as criminals. When we asked one of the male escorts about his risky life, he said. The bottom line here is that our judicial system refuses to keep up with time.

It's function is to protect each citizen instead of repressing their existence.