Chriss First Day of School (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)

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She journeyed through a longer, darker hallway where a series of bars and barriers were raised and then lowered after she walked past them. Finally, she reached the end of the hall, the last set of bars was raised, and she stepped into the cell. The prisoner was a woman. She sat on a stool in the center of the cell and stared up at a small window.

The prisoner waited a few moments before acknowledging the visitor behind her. It was the first visitor she had ever had, and she knew who it was without looking; there was only one person it could be. Although Snow White had rehearsed exactly what she wanted to say, she was now finding it nearly impossible to speak.

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Have you come to watch me wither away? There was such authority and power to her voice; it was known to make the strongest of men melt like ice. And with this finally said, Snow White felt a weight lift off of her shoulders. She had finally asked the question that had been so strongly on her mind.

Half of the challenge was over.

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It was the face of a woman who had once possessed beauty without flaw, and the face of a woman who had once been queen. Now, the woman sitting before her was just a prisoner whose looks had faded into a permanent, sorrowful scowl. Everyone knew of the infamous poisoned apple and the dashing prince who had saved Snow White from a false death. The story was simple, but the aftermath was not.

Something inside the new queen refused to believe that someone could be so malicious. Snow White was astonished by how little her stepmother cared, but Snow White needed her to care. She needed to know there was some humanity left in her. The whole kingdom wanted you dead!


I refuse to believe that you are the soulless monster the rest of the world claims you to be. The Evil Queen did indeed have a heart of stone, but not inside her. A rock in the shape and size of a human heart was on a small table in the corner of the cell. It was the only item the Evil Queen had been permitted to keep when she was arrested. Snow White recognized the stone from her childhood.

It had always been very precious to her stepmother, and the Evil Queen had never let it out of her sight. Snow White had never been allowed to touch it or hold it, but nothing was stopping her now. She walked across the cell, picked it up, and curiously stared down at it. It brought back so many memories. All the neglect and sadness her stepmother had caused her as a child rushed through her.

When I was a girl, I used to spend hours hiding in the palace just hoping you would notice I was missing, but you never did. You spent your days in your chambers with your mirrors and your skin creams and this stone.

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You spent more time with strangers with anti-aging methods than you did with your own daughter. But why? I knew you were dangerous, but I kept letting you in. I kept hoping that you would change. I let you harm me. You never received affection from me, but from the moment you were born you were loved by the whole kingdom.

Others , however, are not so fortunate.

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The Evil Queen closed her eyes and shook her head. Snow White grew quiet and slightly ashamed.

Of course she knew her stepmother had had a life prior to marrying her father, but she had never considered what it had consisted of. Her stepmother had always been such a private person, Snow White never had reason to. Her arm became tired from holding the stone heart, and she had to put it aside. Snow White took a seat on another stool in the cell. I will continue to be degraded into nothing but a grotesque villain until the end of time.

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Snow White felt her own heart grow heavy. Her head was spinning, and curiosity had taken over her entire body. The Evil Queen closed her eyes and let her memories surface. Images of places and people from her past flew out from the back of her mind like fireflies in a cave. There was so much she had seen in her younger years, so many things she wished she remembered, and so many things she wished to forget.

My story is not one that ends with a happily-ever-after. Peters said to her sixth-grade class.

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Mice can become men, maids can become princesses, and they can teach valuable lessons in the process. Alex Bailey eagerly sat straight up in her seat. Fairy tales are life lessons disguised with colorful characters and situations. She was a pretty girl with bright blue eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair that was always kept neatly out of her face with a headband. The way the other students stared at their teacher, as if the lesson being taught were in another language, was something Mrs. Peters had never grown accustomed to. So, Mrs. Peters would often direct entire lessons to the front row, where Alex sat.

Peters was a tall, thin woman who always wore dresses that resembled old, patterned sofas. Her hair was dark and curly and sat perfectly on the top of her head like a hat and her students often thought it was. Through a pair of thick glasses, her eyes were permanently squinted from all the judgmental looks she had given her classes over the years. Peters said. Parents now let obnoxious cartoons and violent movies influence their children.

I recently read that films are being created depicting Cinderella as a struggling hip-hop singer and Sleeping Beauty as a warrior princess battling zombies!


Alex shook her head. Hearing this made her soul hurt. She tried to share her disapproval with her fellow classmates but, sadly, her concern was not reciprocated. I wonder if there would be so many kidnappings if children were shown the true dangers that Little Red Riding Hood faced.

I wonder if delinquents would be so inclined to misbehave if they knew about the consequences Goldilocks caused for herself with the Three Bears.