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The new building consists of two simple elements: the rhythm given by the windows, which repeats and declares continuity with the existing facades, and the reflecting skin, which dissolves the new volume in the sky. The first one is "heavy" and permanent, in search of eternity, the second one "light" and changeable, ready to dissolve in the sky: the building completed the molt of its skin.

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The facade consists of a single material, in a unique size: a 4 centimeters thick polycarbonate panel, about 10 meters high, fixed to prefabricated concrete panels. The mirroring of the panels also ensures a continuous color variation of the facades: depending on the time of the day and varying in light intensity the building may appear black, golden, metallic, opaque, glossy.

Infinitely changeable. The entire settlement is included in the architectural design of the landscape and open spaces. Places designed for relaxation, pedestrian paths and parking lots are enclosed in the design of the "modified embankments" that insert subtle variations of slope with respect to the roads and access roads.

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In this way, the project is inserted in the ground in a clear way, highlighting the shape and geometry of the territory. The building demonstrates that industrial architecture can add value to the landscape and improve the quality of the workplace.

Happiness to this author is curled up with her laptop creating imaginary worlds that come from her heart. Writing is her passion and dreaming up story lines is her love.

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Suzanne was born in Peterborough, Ontario and currently resides in Caledonia, Haldimand County, where on morning walks with Mike and Rico, she tries out her new plots on the cows, sheep and numerous wild animals she greets along the way. Samantha Barclay is a counselor at Milton High.

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When a student confides that his mother was murdered, she is the only one who believes him. Can she stop the murderer from killing a second time?

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Will handsome Deputy Al Michael help her? Can she escape with her own life intact?

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