BETWEEN ME & YOU: Heartfelt Prayers for Each Jewish Woman

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Amen, etc. Thou, Lord, a true king, perfect it, etc. EE: Ahen. Aben signifies both the Rock of Israel, cf.

The names consist of the beginning of the chapters Adonay , 39 which the Hebrews made use of instead of the unutterable name, Asser Eserie. The seven mighty names may be obtained at a favorable hour and place: Comiteijon, sede aij, throtomos, sasmagata bij vl ijcos. The four names of the Creator: Joat, Joua, eloij, Jeua.

The name which Adam uttered at the entrance to hell is mephenaij phaton. He who bears this name with him is unconquerable. The name which God communicated to Moses on Mount Sinai, Hacedion , will put away all causes for sorrow. The name which Joshua prayed when the Sun stood still, bachando, beltzlior, dealzhat , 42 brings vengeance upon enemies. S: "Ethor, Hochmal, binach, baesed, Geburah, thipheret, nezah, hod Jehod malchut. So OP2. Supplied from OP2. Omitted in S, K3, and EE. EE omits the words in []. EE: "Vedath. EE omits the Greek letters.

At al-Aqsa, a sentinel moment for Islam

EE: "Arerite Aser, ehele". Esch , used by Moses as the fire of God, Elion has five letters and they are all Hebrew characters. Emeth , the true God, is God's seal. The explanation of the ten names of God and the ten Sephiroth, is given in Cornel Agrippa de occulta Philosophia , Lib. Hacaba , the holy and adored God.

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Hu , himself the power of the Deity. Hod, Jod , a divine being.

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Jah , a just God, comparing himself with man. Jesuba , the Messiah will come in the golden age. Jaua , he who created the light.

Christian Prayers to the Holy Spirit for a Favor

Isaia , with the name El , resembles the changed era each made up of Mettatron for Sadai , each name composed of Icuru Mazpaz , both names are derived from a transposition of the name Jehova. See Gollancz, Book of Protection London, , p. EE reads "Icuru Maapaz". Messiah is derived from a transposition of the letters in Jisma [Ismah]. Na , the name of God, should be used in tribulation and oppression.

These are three princes of the world. Ohrmazd, Mithra, and Ahriman of Zoroastrian origin. EE: " Also used by John Dee. These names must be selected out of each letter constituting the work, for the accomplishment of which the help of God should be implored. Similar to a certain text, in Exodus xiv. If now the divine names, El or Jah , 55 are added, there will be seventy-two names of God, each of them syllables, for it is written: My angel goeth before me, behold him, for my name is in him.

These are seventy-two deacons of the five departments of heaven, there are so many nations and tongues, so many bodily functions, working with the seventy-two disciples of Christ. Another method to make the Schemhamphoras is when the three verses are written in regular order from right to left subalternatim , without selecting this method from the tables of Ziruph , 56 or as it is selected from the table Commutationem.

EE: Zimph. So OP3. Jerathel, Scehia, Rauel. Nitael Behahiah. Rochel Jabamiah Haiauel. Caliel, Leuniah, Pahaliah. Rochel Jabamiah Haianel. In the first period of nature God was addressed by the name of Sadai Trigrammaton. In the second period of the law he bore the unutterable name of Tetragrammaton , which is spoken Adonay.

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The Father gave all power to the Son, the angels received heaven, but in the name of God and Jesus, which is the first power in God. Therefore, said Jesus: "Everything which ye ask of the Father in my name, that will he give unto you," if ye pray unto him with a pure heart and a fervent spirit, for there is no other name given to man whereby he can be saved but the name of Jesus. For, precisely as when our souls are moved by some ordinary cause, so the soul moves all the members of the body to contribute something toward the accomplishment of a contemplated work.

Therefore, man binds all creatures through comparison, by calling upon the higher power, through the name and power which governs one thing, and thereafter through the lower things themselves, etc. On this account the Heathens committed the error of worshipping the planets and fixed stars, not because they heard but because they were moved by the powers which governed them and were, at the same time, impelled thereto by the influence of their founder and creator.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (Part 2)

The prayer of faith, therefore, in proper language, and for proper objects, is intimately related to the name of God, from which we descend by words, from one to the other, following each other out of a natural relationship, in order to accomplish something. The son, therefore, prevails upon the father that he may support him, although the father may not do so willingly; still since he is his offspring he must calculate to maintain him. How much greater care our heavenly Father must feel for us, if we serve him in a proper manner? For this reason, without godliness, man will deny his faith in Christ, and will become unacceptable to God, therewith often falling a prey to the evil spirits against whom there is no better protection than the fear of the Lord and fervent love to God and man.

Most people who are skilled in divine works, and who possess the right to command spirits, must be worthy by nature or become worthy by education and discipline for their calling — must keep all their works secret, but may not conceal it from a true and pious person. Dignity of birth comes from station, but it is due to Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, or Mars that he is made prosperous — that he is learned in physics, metaphysics, and theology.

If one has a knowledge of God, as the first great cause, he must also acknowledge other causes or cooperative spirits, and determine what official station of dignity and honor to accord to them; and without which knowledge their presence and help cannot be enjoyed. Such honor and dignity must not be shown for the sake of the spirits but for the sake of their Lord, whose servants they are.

In this manner the angels of God will encamp around those who fear and love the Lord, and, as Augustinus says: "Everything possesses a predestined angel-power. The name EHEIE, aser Eheie , its number Cether elion , one Lord, is the simplest Deity, which no eye has seen, is ascribed to God the Father, gives influence through the order Seraphin haiath, heiadosch , 60 gate of holiness or of life, that transmits life to everything through Eheie.

From this he flows in through primum mobile 61 so that all things must exist — that the heavens must revolve every twenty-four hours. This wonderful being is called Intelligent Mettatron , that is, a prince of faces.

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His office is to lead others into the presence of the Sovereign, and through him God spake to Moses. The firstborn son through whom the Father redeemed man from his curse, is infused through the order of Cherubim , Hebrew Ophanim , of the form or Council. From these he flows into the star-bedecked heavens, and produces there many figures. Chaos 63 of creatures, God, Jod Tetragrammaton , through the particular Intelligence Raziel , 64 who was a representative of Adam, etc.

This is the Latin word "Chaos" Chaos or endless darkness. EE: "Chavs. S: durch die sonderliche Intelligentiam razielem. EE: "through the peculiar Intelligentiam razielem. That is, caution or sense, and signifies pardon and rest, cheerfulness, repentance, and conversion — the great trumpet, the redemption of the world and life in time to come, is adopted to the Holy Spirit, and flows in his might through the order of Thrones , which is called Aralim 65 in Hebrew — that is, the great, strong and mighty angels, from thence through the Sphere of Saturn it gives form to the unsettled matter, whose particular Intelligence is Zaphchiel , 66 was Noah's representative, and another Intelligence Jophiel , Shem's representative, and these are the three highest and greatest Numerations , as a throne of the divine Persons, through whose commands everything takes place, and which is completed by the other seven, which, in this account are called Numerations framing, 67 etc.

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EE: "through the order of Thronorum, which is called Arabim. Welches eine Intelligentia Zaphekiel Or "Numerations of the art" Lat. See OP3.